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The World of the Tenth Realm




Sølvefalske (surl-ve-fal-ska) is a large island in the northern hemisphere of the planet roughly the size of the planet. The majority of the island is coniferous and deciduous forests and mountains. To the very north is the tundra, and to the south is broadleaf forests and swamplands.

Along the western coast is a mountain range known as the Hvitrfjella Range. Because it is full of steep slopes, dangerous animals, and the possibility of getting lost is high, few people ever venture there. The western side of the mountains is rocky coast, while the eastern side is short-grass prairie.

On the eastern side of the island is a more gentle mountain range known as the Eastern Hills. It is a favored spot for hunters, but the northern end is avoided, as it is tiger habitat.

The main settlement is at the island's center. Locals call it 'the village' even though its population is over ten thousand. Buildings are typically made of wood and stone, and transportation is by horseback or carriages. The culture is diverse, including people from all nations on Earth. Though the founding people were Scandanavian, the most common ethnicity is South East Asian and Pacific Islander.

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Deer in the Woods
Wetland Creation
Wilderness Fox
Water Lake Landscape
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Mountains and Deer

ᛏᚺᛖ ᛊᚢᚦᛖᚱᛚᚨᚾᛞ ᛁᛊᛚᛖᛊ

The Sutherland Isles

The Sutherlands are a small chain of volcanic islands to the South. It takes three days to sail from Sølvefalske to the Sutherlands.

After the Kingdom of Sølvefalske was established, The Sutherlands was used as a dumping ground for the kingdom's enemies. 

Due to widespread crime, active volcanoes, poor resource management, and constant attacks from the North, the Sutherlands has lost most of its natural biodiversity. Settlements rely on livestock farming and fishing for food.

The Sutherland Isle is home to a deadly species of plant called satansøyne, or "Satan's eyes". The flowers of the petal are bright red and release pollen that is fatal for any human or animal that ingests or absorbed it.

Island Shore
Rocky Coast
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Active Volcano
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Medieval Castle
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Meet the Heroes

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One of the main characters, Ylvana's story begins when she was 13 after her uncle, the King of Sølvefalske, called for her and her mother to live in the castle. Since she was born with the power to shift into a wolf, the King said she should learn to use her powers and train with the other warriors. She grew close to Miria and her trainer, Firyali, but still longed to return to her childhood home, unaware of how much danger she was in.




Jay is a lone wolf Ylvana encounters on her journey through the mountains. With a friendly and funny demeanor, he shows her the way East, while also teaching her how to find food. Little did he know she would help him in return.

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Miria is the cousin of Ylvana and the heir to the throne of Sølvefalske. She was born on Earth and arrived on the island with her mother. A few years later, her mother married the King, making her the princess and future Queen. Educated in many topics, she also enjoys arts and crafts, but her family and friends are the most important.




Like Miria, Firyali was born on Earth. At ten years old, a plane crash brought her to the island. To distract herself from the loss of her family, she devoted herself to training to become a warrior. At nineteen, she is the oldest of the main character and the youngest Captain of the Guard in the island's history. Her hard-working attitude and skillset make her a respected trainer. Few people realize she has a soft spot for her students, particularly Ylvana, even though she is behind most of the class. Ever since she came to the castle, Firyali had a strong and intimate friendship with Miria. Perhaps one day, it will be more.