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The Runestone Guardians Series

Book I Available Now

...the Wolf who chased the Sun created a Tenth Realm for them, the Realm of Sølvefalske...

The best part of Shifting into a wolf for Ylvana Mikkelson was connecting to the world like no other human could. The worst part was getting kidnapped by her kingdom’s worst enemy, the Crows, and threatened to do their bidding. Escape has left her miles from safety somewhere in a treacherous mountain range. Traveling with adorable red fox Pine, watchful barn owl Månen, and mysterious lone wolf Jay, Ylvana fights one danger after the other to get home. But how can she run when her people need the Wolf Princess to save them?


Book II: Trials of the Wolf

Coming Soon

.... the Sun and Moon descended to the world and chose their heroes… 

Every minute the Coal Dust pumps through her veins, Ylvana feels closer to death, but she refuses to wait in a hospital bed. Determined to make her last moments count, she enacts a plot to keep the Runestones out of Crow hands. When McNeil reveals there may be a potion to save the Wolf Princess, Jay and Miria, along with an unwelcome guest, begin a quest of their own, but danger lurks close to their heels. For Jay, it is impossible to escape his past, or his destiny. Return to the world of the Tenth Realm, as the last of the ice thaws and a new season begins.